Rod End Bearings

Rod end bearings are available for many driving options, including universal joints, crossed roller joints, angular contact ball or cylindrical roller assemblies. Rod end bearings are suitable for high load carrying capacities and low rotational speeds with hanging angles joining to other components.

Intact360 Fasteners are one of the leading supplier & exporter of fasteners in India

We at Intact360 supply a wide range of fasteners available in various material & finishes matching all international standards.

Intact360 supplies fasteners in Galvanized Zinc/Zinc Plating, Clear/white Zinc, Yellow Zinc, Blue Zinc, Black Oxide, Passivation, Black Phosphate, Cadmium, Chrome, Nickel Plating, and Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) etc.

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Fasteners, manufacturing process generally involves both Cold Forming & Hot forming depending upon the sizes of fasteners. In cold forming, the fastener is formed by pressure forging, cold extrusion and reducing. Cold forming is preferred for larger quantities and uses optimal raw material with very high output. Hot forming is usually preferred for larger diameters and lengths. Once the necessary cold forming / hot forming is done then machining is done followed by threading, heat treatment and surface finishing.


Intact360, supplies a wide range of fasteners

Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Washers, Threaded Rods, Studs, Anchor Bolts, Rivets, Dowel Pins, Spiral Nails, Eye Bolts, Eye Hooks, Pins, Retaining Rings, Circlips, and Turnbuckles etc.

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Surface finishing treatments can have a big impact on the properties of fasteners

Surface finishing treatments can have a big impact on the properties of fasteners, making them more suitable for specific applications. Most typically finishes are applied to enhance durability (wear resistance and corrosion resistance) and/or for decorative purposes. 

Fasteners that are to be employed in conditions where they’re exposed to high physical stress levels, corrosive elements, or extreme temperatures may benefit greatly from plating/coating.


The selection of raw material for Fasteners plays a very important role and they are various factors involved in selecting the raw material like magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, lightweight, high strength, appearance, etc.

Intact360 being a leading supplier of fasteners we can supply in below grades

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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