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Fasteners Standards

DIN 444EyeboltsBolts
DIN 479Square head bolts with short dog pointBolts
DIN 580Collar eyebolts for lifting purposes/ Lifting EyeboltsBolts
DIN 601ISO 4016Hexagon head bolts with nut, production class CBolts
DIN 603Mushroom head square neck boltsBolts
DIN 609Hexagon fits bolts with long threadBolts
DIN 933BS3692ISO 4017Hexagon head bolts with thread up to headBolts
DIN 6914ISO 7411High-strength injection structural boltsBolts
DIN 6921ISO 1665Hexagon flange boltsBolts
DIN 6922ISO 1665Hexagon flange bolts with reduced shankBolts
DIN 7972ISO 1482Slotted countersunk head tapping screwsScrews
DIN 911ISO 2936Hexagon Socket Screw Keys / Hex KeyHex Key
DIN 315Wing nuts with rectangular wingsNuts
DIN 316Wing screws with rounded wingsNuts
DIN 428ISO 4034Hexagon nuts, Grade CNuts
DIN 439BS3692ISO 4035Hexagon thin nuts chamferedNuts
DIN 439BS3692ISO 4036Hexagon thin nuts un-chamferedNuts
DIN 439BS3692ISO 8675Hex thin Nuts low form with metric fine pitch threadNuts
DIN 439-1ISO 4036Unchamfered hexagon thin nutsNuts
DIN 439-2ISO 4035Chamfered hexagon thin nuts Nuts
DIN 439-2ISO 8675Hex Nuts low form with metric fine pitch threadNuts
DIN 466Knurled nuts, high typeNuts
DIN 467Knurled nuts, low typeNuts
DIN 548Round nuts with set pin holes in sideNuts
DIN 555ISO 4034Hexagon Nuts, production class CNuts
DIN 929Hexagon weld nutsNuts
DIN 934ISO 4032Hexagon NutsNuts
DIN 935ISO 7035Hexagon slotted castle nutsNuts
DIN 936BS3692Hex nuts, low typeNuts
DIN 937Hexagon thin castle nuts low formNuts
DIN 970ISO 4032Hexagon nutsNuts
DIN 971-1ISO 8673Style 1 hexagon nuts with metric fine pitch thread; property classes 6 and 8Nuts
DIN 971-2ISO 8674Style 2 hexagon nuts with metric fine pitch thread; property classes 10 and 12Nuts
DIN 972ISO 4034Hexagon NutsNuts
DIN 977ISO 21670Hexagon weld nuts with flangeNuts
DIN 979Hex thin slotted and castle nuts-coarse and fine pitch threadNuts
DIN 980ISO 7042Hexagon nuts with clamping part, all metal nutNuts
DIN 981Lock NutsNuts
DIN 982ISO 7040Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with nonmetallic insertNuts
DIN 985ISO 10511Prevailing torque type hexagon thin nuts with nonmetallic insertNuts
DIN 986Prevailing torque type hexagon domed cap nuts with non-metallic insertNuts
DIN 1587Hexagon domed cap nutsNuts
DIN 1816Round Nut with Set Pin Holes InsideNuts
DIN 6923ISO 1661Hexagon nuts with flangeNuts
DIN 6924ISO 7040Hexagon nuts with Klamm part, non-metallic insertNuts
DIN 6925ISO 7042Hexagon nuts with clamping part all-metal nutsNuts
DIN 6926ISO 7043Hexagon flange lock nutsNuts
DIN 6927ISO 7044 Nut self-locking with CollarNuts
DIN 1ISO 2339Taper PinsPins
DIN 7ISO 2338Parallel Dowel PinsPins
DIN 94ISO 1234Split pinsPins
DIN 1443ISO 2340Clevis pins without headPins
DIN 1444ISO 2341Clevis pins with headPins
DIN 1470ISO 8739Grooved Pins, Full Length Parallel-grooved with PilotPins
DIN 1471ISO 8744Grooved Pins, Full Length Taper-groovedPins
DIN 1472ISO 8745Parallel Grooved PinsPins
DIN 1473ISO 8740Cylindrical grooved pinsPins
DIN 1474ISO 8741Grooved pins full length parallelPins
DIN 1475ISO 8742Grooved Pins, Third Length Centre-groovedPins
DIN 1476ISO 8746Round Head Grooved PinsPins
DIN 1477ISO 8747Countersunk Head Grooved PinsPins
DIN 1481ISO 8752Spring-Type Straight Pins (Roll Pins) - Heavy TypePins
DIN 6325ISO 8734Dowel PinsPins
DIN 7343ISO 8750Spiral-span pins, rule executionPins
DIN 7344ISO 8748Spiral Dowel Pins for Heavy Duty TypePins
DIN 7346ISO 13337Dowel pins for light versionPins
DIN 7977ISO 8737Taper pins with external threadPins
DIN 7978ISO 8736Taper Pins with Internal ThreadPins
DIN 7979ISO 8733Parallel Pins with Internal ThreadPins
DIN 7979ISO 8735Parallel Pins with Internal ThreadPins
DIN 471Retaining rings for shaftsRetaining Rings
DIN 983Retaining rings with lugs for use on shafts (external circlips)Retaining Rings
DIN 988Shim rings and supporting ringsRetaining Rings
DIN 7603Sealing RingsRings
DIN 7337ISO 15983Break mandrel blind rivetsRivets
DIN 908Screw plugs with collar and hexagon socket, cylindrical threadScrew Plugs
DIN 910Screw plugs with collar and outer hexagon, cylindrical threadScrew Plugs
DIN 84BS4183ISO 1207Slotted cheese head screwsScrews
DIN 85BS4183ISO 1580Slotted pan head screwsScrews
DIN 95Slotted oval head wood screwsScrews
DIN 96Slotted Round Head Wood ScrewsScrews
DIN 404Slotted capstan screwsScrews
DIN 417ISO 7435Slotted set screws with long dog pointScrews
DIN 427ISO 2342Slotted headless screws with flat pointScrews
DIN 438ISO 7436Slotted set screws with cup pointScrews
DIN 464Knurled thumb screws, high typeScrews
DIN 551ISO 4766Slotted set screws with flat pointScrews
DIN 553ISO 7434Slotted set screws with cone pointScrews
DIN 558ISO 4018Hexagon head screws, production class CScrews
DIN 653Flat Knurled Thumb ScrewsScrews
DIN 912BS4168ISO 4762Hexagon socket head cap screwsScrews
DIN 913ISO 4026Hexagon socket set screws with flat point Screws
DIN 914ISO 4027Hexagon socket set screws with cone pointScrews
DIN 915ISO 4028Hexagon socket set screws with full dog pointScrews
DIN 916ISO 4029Hexagon socket set screws with cup point Screws
DIN 921Slotted pan head screws with large headScrews
DIN 923Slotted pan head screws with shoulderScrews
DIN 930Fine thread pitch partially threaded screwsScrews
DIN 931-1BS3692ISO 4014Hexagon head bolts grades A and B partially threadedScrews
DIN 931-2BS3692ISO 4014Hexagon head bolts,metric thread M42 to M160×6, product grade BScrews
DIN 960ISO 8765Partially Threaded Hex Cap Screw - Fine ThreadScrews
DIN 960ISO 8676Partially Threaded Hex Cap Screws, Metric Fine Thread - Full ThreadScrews
DIN 961ISO 8676Hex Cap Screws, Metric Fine Thread - Full ThreadScrews
DIN 963BS3692ISO 2009Slotted countersunk head screws Screws
DIN 964BS3692ISO 2010Slotted raised countersunk oval head screwsScrews
DIN 965BS3692ISO 7046Cross recessed countersunk flat head screwsScrews
DIN 966ISO 7047Cross recessed raised countersunk head screwsScrews
DIN 6912Cap screws thin cylindrical headScrews
DIN 7504Self-drilling screws Screws
DIN 7513Hex tapping screws A = with hexagon headScrews
DIN 7516Self-Tapping Thread Cutting Screw whit flat head with Phillips, Form DScrews
DIN 7970ISO 1478Threads and thread ends for tapping screws screws
DIN 7971BS4174ISO 1481Tapping screws, slotted pan headScrews
DIN 7973ISO 1483Slotted raised countersunk head tapping screwsScrews
DIN 7980BS4464ASpring lock washer for cylinder head screwsScrews
DIN 7981ISO 7049Pan head tapping screws with cross recess H and Z, Form CScrews
DIN 7982ISO 7050Cross recessed countersunk head tapping screws, Form CScrews
DIN 7983ISO 7051Countersunk Flat Head Tapping Screws with Cross Recess, Form CScrews
DIN 7984Hexagon socket thin head cap screwsScrews
DIN 7985BS4183ISO 7045Cross recessed raised Phillips Cheese head screwsScrews
DIN 7991BS4168ISO 10642Hexagon socket countersunk head cap screwsScrews
DIN 938Studs with a length of engagement equal to about 1 dStuds
DIN 939Studs with a length of engagement equal to about 1,25 dStuds
DIN 975Threaded rodsThreaded Rods
DIN 976Metric thread stud boltsThreaded Rods
DIN 93Slices with a cloth (lock washers)Washers
DIN 125ISO 7089Plain Washers Form AWashers
DIN 125ISO 7090Plain Washers Form BWashers
DIN 126ISO 7091Plain WashersWashers
DIN 127BS4464BSpring lock washers with square ends or tang endsWashers
DIN 128Curved and wave spring lock washersWashers
DIN 137Spring washers, curved or waveWashers
DIN 433ISO 7092Washers for use with cheese head screwsWashers
DIN 433-1ISO 7092Plain washers for cheese head screws with a hardness up to 250 HV.Washers
DIN 433-2ISO 7092Plain washers for cheese head screws with a hardness up to 300 HV.Washers
DIN 440ISO 7094Washers for use in timber constructionsWashers
DIN 462Retaining plate washer with internal noseWashers
DIN 1440ISO 8738Medium type washers for pinsWashers
DIN 5406Tab washers for nuts to DIN 981Washers
DIN 6319Spherical washers and conical seatsWashers
DIN 6340Heavy Duty Washers for clamping devicesWashers
DIN 6797Toothed lock washersWashers
DIN 6798Serrated lock washersWashers
DIN 6799Lock washers (retaining washers) for shaftsWashers
DIN 6902ISO 10673Plain washers for screw and washer assembliesWashers
DIN 6903ISO 10669Plain washers for tapping screw and washer assembliesWashers
DIN 6916Round washers for high-strength structural steel boltingWashers
DIN 7349Flat Washers for Bolts with Heavy Clamping SleevesWashers
DIN 7989-1Thick Flat Washers for steel structures Washers
DIN 7989-2Washers for steel constructions Washers
DIN 9021ISO 7093Plain washers with three times of outer diameterWashers
Special Note: The above information provided is only for your reference and guidence. Intact360 Fasteners will not be responsible for any failure that occur from usage of this data.

Special Note:
The above information provided is only for your reference and guidance. Intact360 Fasteners will not be responsible for any failure that occur from usage of this data.