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Intact360 Products

Our Services

Intact360 Industries manufacturers the products that are complex in nature and require special material grades. This made us one of the specialists, in making products based on complex drawings.

Meticulous Planning

Through meticulous planning & flawless execution, intact360 was able to win in the market.

Completion on Time

At Intact360 we strictly follow the commitments when it comes to dispatching the goods on time.

Amazing Customers

Our duty at Intact360 is to amaze our customers in all possible ways.

Affordable Prices

We always thrive to supply quality fasteners at incredibly competitive prices.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

We would love to hear from you, send us your enquiry now and our sales team will usually contact in 1 Business day.

Our Range of Fasteners

Find Our More About Intact360 Range of Fasteners. Intact360 manufacturers Fasteners with All International Standards and also we make customized fasteners as per customer requirements.

Inconel Fasteners

Inatct360 manufactures Inconel Fasteners in Inconel 600/UNS N06600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Inconel 800, Inconel 825, Inconel 925, Inconel X750 as per all International Standards.

Nickel Fasteners

Inatct360 manufactures Nickel Fasteners in Nickel 200 and Nickel 201 which is equivalent to EN Ni 99.2/ ALLOY 200/ ALLOY 2.4066/ ASTM ASTM B160/ ASTM B725/ ASTM B730/ DIN 17740.

Copper and Brass Fasteners

Inatct360 manufactures both Copper & Brass Fasteners in different grades like Copper CDA 101, Copper CDA 102, ASTM-B-152, Copper Nickel 70/30 / ASTM B151, Copper ASME SB151.

Super Duplex Fasteners

Intact360 Fastener manufactures Super Duplex Fasteners in different grades like Super Duplex Steel Alloy 2507 & Super Duplex Steel Alloy 2205 matching to all International Standards.

Stainless Steel Fasteners

Inatct360 Manufactures Stainless Steel Fasteners in different grades like AISI 304/EN 1.4301, AISI 304H, AISI 304L/EN 1.4307, AISI 310/ EN 1.4841, AISI 316/ EN 1.4401, AISI 316L/ EN 1.4404.

ASTM Standard Fasteners

Inatct360 Fasteners manufactures ASTM Standard Fasteners like ASTM A193 B6 BOLTS, ASTM A193 B6X BOLTS, ASTM A193 B7 BOLTS, ASTM A193 B8 BOLTS, ASTM A193 B8M BOLTS.

Hastelloy Fasteners

Inatct360 Fasteners manufactures Hastelloy Fasteners in different grades like Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy B2/ASTM B335, Hastelloy B3/ ASTM B335, Hastelloy X/ASTM B572

Monel Fasteners

Inatct360 manufactures Monel Fasteners in Monel 400/ ASTM F467/UNS N04400/DIN 2.4360 & Monel K500 / ASTM B865-04 / UNS N05500 matching to all International Fasteners Standards.

Titanium Fasteners

Inatct360 Fasteners manufactures Titanium Fasteners in Grade 2 Titanium/ASTM B348, Titanium Grade 5 ASTM B348/ Ti-6Al-4V/ UNS N56400 matching to all International Fasteners Standards.