Standard & Customized Premium Quality Compression Springs


Best Quality Industrial Compression Springs in Accordance with all International Standards for All Industries


Compression Springs are type of Helical Coil Springs that stores energy while compression and release energy once released.

Key Parameters of Compression Springs:

  • Spring Rate
  • Direction of Wind
  • Spring Ends
  • Hole Diameter
  • Rod Diameter
  • Outer Diameter
  • Counting of Coils
  • Wire Diameter
  • Free Length
  • Solid Height
  • Spring Set
  • Load at Solid Height
  • Finish
  • Raw Material


At Intact360, we manufacture Compression Springs in various sizes and shapes like Conical/Cone Shaped Compression Springs, Barrel/Concave Shaped Compression Springs, Hourglass/Convex Shaped Compression Springs & Reduced end Shaped Compression Springs. Compression Springs are found in variety of applications automotive, electronics, instruments, medical devices, switches etc.

Intact360'S Springs Collection

Intact360 are leading Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporter of wide variety of Springs made from different Raw Material in both wire form and Strap form in accordance with  all International Quality standards.

Raw Material for Springs:

High Carbon Steel : Music Wire – ASTM A228, Hard Drawn MB- ASTM A227, Oil Tempered (OTMB) – ASTM A229, AISI 1050 Spring Steel, AISI 1074, 1075 Spring Steel, AISI 1095 Spring Steel, Valve Spring Wire.

Alloy Steel: Oil Tempered Chrome Silicon – ASTM A401 & Chrome Vanadium – ASTM A231

Stainless Steel: Stainless Steel 302, 304, 316, 316L (ASTM A313), 17-7 PH (ASM 5678)

Copper Base Alloy: Beryllium Copper – ASTM B197, Brass- ASTM B134, Phosphor Bronze- ASTM B159, Spring Brass CA260 Spring Wire, Monel 400 – AMS 7233, Monel K 500 – (QQ-N-286)

Nickel Base Alloy: Beryllium Nickel, Hastelloy (C276) – ASTM B574, Inconel 600 – ASTM B166 ,Inconel 718 – ASTM B637, Inconel X750 – AMS 5698 / 5699, , Nimonic Spring Wire, Nitronic, Rene 41, NiSpan C –AMS 5225, Elgiloy – AMS 5833.

Titanium Alloy: Beta C Titanium Spring Wire.