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DIE SPRINGS (ISO 10243 & JIS B 5012)

Die Springs are type of Helical Compression Springs that are made of rectangular wire section. Die Springs are made of both Oil- Tempered & Chrome Alloy Materials.

Colour Coded Die Springs:

DIE SPRINGS (ISO 10243 & JIS B 5012)

Die Springs find variety applications in Punch Press Die Sets, Casters, Clutches, Counterbalance, Conveyor Tensioning, Shock Absorbers, Hydraulic Cylinders, Valves Couplings and other applications where high loads are required in a confined space. While selecting Die Spring please ensure to know the Hole & Rod Diameter, Free Length available.

Intact360ā€™s Die Spring Collections:

Die Springs are typically suitable for various applications where High Static or Shock Load stresses are required when maximum life cycle is important.

Raw Materials for Die Springs:

  • Chrome Alloy Steel ā€“ EN 10089 51 CrV4.
  • Carbon Steel ā€“ SAE 1070

Important Measures for Die Springs:

  1. Hole Diameter (Outer diameter)
  2. Rod Diameter (Inner Diameter)
  3. Free Length (no load on the spring)
  4. Wire Size (Measure both Width and Thickness)
  5. Colour Code