Standard & Customized Premium Quality Disc Springs

Best Quality Industrial Disc Springs in Accordance with all International Standards for All Industries

DISC SPRINGS – DIN 2092/2093

Disc springs are special type of Springs/Washers that are particularly suited for use in applications that require a high force but have limited space. At Intact360 we manufacture Disc Springs in accordance to DIN 2092/2093 & SMS 2313 International Standards.

Applications of Disc Springs:

DISC SPRINGS – DIN 2092/2093

Disc springs are used in various applications and found in almost every Industry. Disc spring washers exert a uniform pressure that remains constant, they are an ideal solution for situations where tension losses caused by thermal expansion/contraction, compression set, or wear of parts occur. Disc Springs produce very little friction, exhibit low working loss and have a considerably longer lifespan when compared to normal coil springs.

Intact360'S Springs Collection

By combining the Disc Springs in various ways, it is possible to obtain different forces and characteristics.

Raw Materials for Disc Springs:

  • Group 1: CK 67/51CrV4 as per DIN 2093
  • Group 2: 51CrV4 as per DIN 2093
  • Group 3: 51CrV4 as per DIN 2093

Advantages/Benefits of Disc Springs:

  • High Energy Storage Capacity & Ensured long Service Life
  • No Deformation or Fatigue observed against normal loads
  • Low Maintenance cost & Greater Security
  • Less Space Needed
  • Low height/thickness ratio employed
  • Provides Excellent shock absorption and energy dissipation.
  • Adaptable to stacking in numerous configurations.
  • Combine use as a modular spring element.