Standard & Customized Premium Quality Torsion Springs

Best Quality Industrial Torsion Springs in Accordance with all International Standards for All Industries


Torsion Springs are Helical Coil Springs that work by twisting and they are used where angular movement is required. There are two types of Torsion Springs i.e. Single Torsion Spring and Double Torsion Spring.

Performance Factors of Torsion Springs:


Both the ends of Torsion Springs are attached to other components which is then twisted tighter and tighter by the sideway forces applied either a Left Hand or Right Hand Helix. This can be explained with small example of Door Hinges, which are made from small Torsion Springs which allows door to bounce on its hinge into its original position. The important factor of Torsion Spring is “Torque” which is equal to force multiplied to leg length.

Intact360'S Springs Collection

At Intact360 Industries Pvt Ltd, we manufacture Torsion Springs in all shapes and sizes ranging from small, large, extended length and double torsion springs to our customer requirements.

Applications of Torsion Springs:

  • Doors and Hinges
  • Clipboards & Hatches
  • Automotive
  • Medical Equipment
  • Ceiling Light Fittings
  • Clocks
  • Clothes Pins