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Located in Mumbai, Intact360 manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of heavy duty Round & Flat Polyester Webbing Slings.

Types of Webbing Slings:


Polyester Webbing Slings have a high strength to weight ratio, which provides flexible and light weight lifting sling with low elongation. They’re made by 100% high tenacity polyester yarn confirming the standards ISO 4878.

Intact360’s Polyester Webbing Slings Collection

Intact360 is one of the leading and largest Suppliers and Exporters of all types of Polyester Webbing Slings. We at Intact360 supply premium quality of lifting and rigging Hardware as per all International safety and Quality Standards.

Types of Polyester Webbing Slings (Based on Webbing Layers):


  • Simplex Webbing Slings: Simplex webbing Slings are made of single layer of polyester webbing.
  • Duplex Webbing Slings: Duplex Webbing Slings are made of two layers of polyester webbing Duplex webbing Slings are generally used for normal load lifting applications
  • Triplex Webbing Slings: Triplex Webbing Slings These are made of three polyester webbing slings designed for lifting heavier loads.
  • Quadraplex Webbing Slings: These are made of four polyester webbing slings designed for lifting heavier loads.


Characteristics of Polyester Webbing Slings

  • Safety factor 5:1 and 7:1 and manufactured to EN 1492-1:2000
  • Anti-abrasion sleeves and Anti cutting sleeves protection
  • Capacity ranging from 1 Metric Ton to 30 Metric Ton.
  • Highly Resistant to mild acid, dry cleaning solvents, Soap & detergent.
  • Melting point is 260°C.
  • Reduce risk of back and hand injuries

Worldwide Presence:

Intact360, being one of the most trustworthy partners for Lifting and Rigging Hardware in all parts of the globe. We have a huge customer presence serving in different parts of the world Morocco, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East Countries, Africa, UAE, South Africa, Mexico, USA, UK, Algeria, Romania, Europe, etc.