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Standard & Customized Premium Quality Marine Bollards


Best Quality Bollards in Accordance with all International Standards for All Industries


Located in Mumbai, Intact360 manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Marine Mooring Bollards provides a wide range of Mooring Bollards to suit customer requirements.

Types of Marine Bollards:

  • Tee Bollard
  • Kidney Bollard
  • Twin Horn Bollard
  • Single & Double Bitt Bollard
  • Horn Lube Bollard
  • Cleat Bollard


Marine Mooring Bollards are designed to fulfil mooring requirement & securely hold vessels while berthing alongside jetties, wharves, berths & dolphins in ports and harbours. Our bollards provide strong and stable mooring operation. Mooring/Marine Bollard safely secure vessels alongside jetties, Berths, Wharves and Dolphins in Ports and Harbours and this Marine Bollards are cost effective way to fulfil mooring requirements.

Intact360s Mooring Bollard Collection

Intact360 provides Marine Bollards with a wide range of Designs, Sizes, Capacities to meet all mooring line requirements and safely securing the vessels.

Raw Materials for Making Marine Bollards:

  • Ductile Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Selecting Bollards:

The right choice of Bollard, its orientation and style depends on various factors like which includes, Vessel Size, Water depth, Currents, Quay Configuration & Local weather.

Installation & maintenance of Marine Bollards

At Intact360, our team of experts will assist you step by step installation process meeting all dimensional requirements. While installing Marine Bollards on should have proper Port structures and equipment’s to keep mooring processes safe. Marine Bollard are generally a low maintenance structure and once in a while a periodic inspection will be sufficient.

Coating of Marine Bollards:

During mooring operations the wear and abrasion from ropes will be high and at the same time Marine Bollards should be painted regularly. Ductile Iron bollards less resistive in comparison to Cast Steel bollards, which can rust quickly and will need frequent painting to retain full strength.

  • C5M Paint/ Zinc Oxide Primer or High Performance Epoxy
  • Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG)