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Organic & Natural Cloves


Intact360 – High Quality Cloves Wholesale Distributors & Suppliers and Exporters


Clove is a dried bud of the flower from tree Syzygium Aromaticum, belong to tree family Myrtaceae, which is known as evergreen tree which is available throughout the year.

Uses of Indian Cloves:

  • Cloves are used as flavouring agent in Food Industry.
  • Cloves are used in Medicine as carminative, Aromatic and Stimulant.
  • Cloves are used in Dentistry, Oral and Pharyngeal treatments.
  • Cloves are used in Toothpaste and Mouthwashes
  • Cloves are used in Soaps and Perfumes.
  • Cloves are used to help Diabetics in Sugar Assimilations.



Cloves are mainly cultivated in countries like Indonesia, Madagascar, India and Madagascar. At Intact360, we supply Hand Picked cloves which are of finest quality available in market. They are hand-picked manually and selected for size and perfection. This Hand Picked grade is free from impurity.

Intact360’s Cloves Collection

Intact360, is one of the leading and largest Supplier and Exporter of Cloves in India. We at Intact360 supply the Fine grade Quality of Whole Dried Cloves with Wide Range of Grades as per International Market Standards.

Health Benefits of Cloves:

  • Cloves Help in Better Digestion
  • Cloves Help in Liver Protection
  • Cloves Help in Bone Preservation
  • Cloves Help in Immunity Booster
  • Cloves Help in Oral Health
  • Cloves Help in Headache Treatment
  • Cloves Help to Protect against Cancer
  • Cloves Help in Stomach Ulcers

Processing Cloves:

Cloves clusters are plucked, when the buds are fully developed with a pronounced pink flush and then sun-dried over several days. Unopened flower buds, leaves and stalks are used to make essential oils.