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Organic & Natural Coriander Seeds


Intact360 – High Quality Indian Coriander Seeds Wholesale Distributors, Suppliers and Exporters


Coriander is an important Spice, having prime position in flavouring food. Coriander is rich in nutrients like Fiber, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron and Protein. Consuming coriander on regular basis will account for lot of health benefits.

Health benefits of Coriander Seeds:

  • Fight Inspections
  • Protect your Skin
  • Helps Tackle Diabetes
  • Facilitates Hair Growth
  • Cure for Cold & Flu


The whole Coriander plant has a pleasant aroma. Coriander is a tropical crop and can be successfully grown as a Rabi Season crop. Coriander is a small, bushy herb and thin stemmed plant that grows to a height of 25 to 50CM with many branches and umbels. This Coriander is native origin of Mediterranean and commercially produced in countries India, Russia, France, Morocco, Mexico, USA, Central America and East European Countries.

Intact360’s Coriander Seeds Collection

Intact360, is one of the leading and largest Suppliers and Exporters of Coriander Seeds. We at Intact360 supply the fine grade Quality of Whole Dried Coriander Seeds with Wide Range of Grades as per International Market Standards.

Coriander is available both in whole and ground powder depending on customer requirements. The fresh leaves of the Coriander plant are called Cilantro which is used as an herb. Grounded Coriander powder should be stored in opaque airtight container to prevent it losing its flavour and aroma.

Worldwide Presence:

Intact360, being one of the most trustworthy partners for Indian Spices in all parts of the globe. We have a huge customer presence serving in different parts of the world Morocco, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East Countries, Africa, UAE, South Africa, Mexico, USA, UK, Algeria, Romania, Europe etc.