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Organic & Natural Cumin


Intact360 – High Quality Cumin Wholesale Distributors & Suppliers and Exporters


Cumin is type of Spice, which is dried, white fruit with greyish brown colour of a small slender annual herb. Cumin seeds are the seeds of Caraway Family.

Health Benefits of Cumin:

  • Decrease Cognitive Disorders
  • Prevents Cancer
  • Improves Immunity
  • Treats Piles
  • Acts as Antioxidant


Cumin is generally grown in Hot Climatic Conditions. The cumin plant is 15 to 50 CM in height. Cumin is slightly bitter in taste and has a warm flavour. Cumin is a well-known for its medicinal properties all over the world. Cumin is now grown now majorly in India, Turkey, China, Syria, Egypt and some parts of America. India is the largest producer and exporter of Black Cumin Seeds & White Cumin Seeds.

Intact360’s Cumin Collection

Intact360, is one of the leading and largest Supplier and Exporter of Cumin in India. We at Intact360 supply the fine grade Quality of Whole Dried Cumin with Wide Range of Grades as per International Market Standards.

Uses of cumin:

  • Cumin is used in Food Industry.
  • Cumin is used in Medicine
  • Cumin seed oil is used in Perfumes
  • Cumin seed oil used in for flavouring liqueurs and cordials.

Worldwide Presence:

Intact360, being one of the most trustworthy partners in all parts of the globe. We have a huge customer presence serving in different parts of the world Morocco, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East Countries, Africa, UAE, South Africa, Mexico, USA, UK, Algeria, Romania, Europe etc.