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Organic & Natural Fennel


Intact360 – High Quality Fennel Wholesale Distributors, Suppliers and Exporters


Fennel is considered as a Spice and Herb, native of Europe and Asia. In India Fennel is mostly cultivated in Northern India as a cold weather crop.

Health Benefits of Fennel:

  • Treats Inflammation
  • Betters Digestion
  • Weight Management
  • Highly Nutritious
  • Supress Appetite


The dry and cold weather favours high seed production of Fennel. The green Fennel leaves and seeds are mainly consumed, Fennel comes in Licorice sort of flavour. Fennel Seeds are used in various dishes for adding an exotic flavour. It’s an important ingredient dishes preferred across the globe for its various blends, sausages, salads, spice mixes etc.

Intact360’s Fennel Seeds Collection

Intact360, is one of the leading and largest Suppliers and Exporters of Fennel Seeds. We at Intact360 supply the fine grade Quality of Whole Dried Fennel Seeds with Wide Range of Grades as per International Market Standards.

Uses of Fennel Seeds:

  • Fennel leaves are used for garnishing and salads.
  • Fennel is an essential ingredient in Sausages.
  • Fennel Seeds are used as a masticatory.
  • Fennel is used in flavouring Soups, Meat dishes, Sauces, Pastries, etc.
  • Fennel is used in flavouring Confectionaries and Liquors.

Worldwide Presence:

Intact360, being one of the most trustworthy partners for Indian Spices in all parts of the globe. We have a huge customer presence serving in different parts of the world Morocco, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East Countries, Africa, UAE, South Africa, Mexico, USA, UK, Algeria, Romania, Europe etc.