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Organic & Natural Fenugreek


Intact360 – High Quality Fenugreek Wholesale Distributors, Suppliers and Exporters


India is one of the largest producers of Fenugreek Seeds in the world. The exotic spices are valued in all parts of the world for its nutritional properties and medicinal properties make up for its huge demand in International Markets.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds:

  • Treat Inflammation
  • Good for the Heart
  • Reduce Pain during Periods
  • Curbs High Cholesterol levels
  • Enhance Breast Feeding


Fenugreek is originated from South-Eastern Europe and West Asia and now it is cultivated in Argentina, Egypt, Mediterranean countries, and India. Fenugreek is a fruit of annual herb that grows in cold temperatures. It gives a better yield in loam and clayey loam soils with moderate to low rainfall. Fenugreek can also be grown in black cotton soils.

Intact360’s Fenugreek Seeds Collection

Intact360 is one of the leading and largest Suppliers and Exporters of Fenugreek Seeds. We at Intact360 supply the fine grade Quality of Whole Dried Fenugreek Seeds with Wide Range of Grades as per International Market Standards.

Flavour: Powerful, Aromatic and Bittersweet, like burnt sugar similar to Celery or lovage.

Worldwide Presence:

Intact360, being one of the most trustworthy partners for Indian Spices in all parts of the globe. We have a huge customer presence serving in different parts of the world Morocco, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East Countries, Africa, UAE, South Africa, Mexico, USA, UK, Algeria, Romania, Europe, etc.