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Standard & Customized Premium Quality TMT Bars

06mm TMT Bars08mm TMT Bars10mm TMT Bars12mm TMT Bars16mm TMT Bars20mm TMT Bars25mm TMT Bars32mm TMT Bars

Best Quality TMT Bars in Accordance to all International Standards for All Industries

TMT Bars

TMT Bars – Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars the name is basically their process of protection. Intact360 Provide TMT bars with promising and uncompromised quality. We provide TNT Bars in wide ranges of grades and sizes perfect for Every Industry and Building Construction.

  • Mild Steel TMT Bars
  • Iron TMT Bars
  • Reinforcement Steel Bars

TMT Bars

Intact360 Provides you the best range of TMT bars. Grades available from Fe – 415, Fe- 500 & Fe- 550. Our TMT Bars are Fire Resistant, Earthquake Resistant and Corrosion Resistant. Intact360 provides TMT Bars with the best bend properties, proper weld ability and finer grain structure. Our TMT Bars also famous for uniform and precise structure. We provide the best quality at the affordable price in the market.

Intact360's TMT Bars

  • Improved power in combination with high ductility
  • Excellent weld-ability at welded joints, without loss of power
  • Great ductility and adhesiveness
  • Resistant to Earthquake
  • High thermal resistance
  • Considerable reduction in production prices
  • Produced in conformity with various international standards
  • Meets customer specific requirements across a range of customized items
  • Ensures accurate weight of bars by automatically regulating bar scale within stringent tolerances.